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When Is A Good Time To Look For A Job?

Whether you’re working remotely or pursuing a promotion at your current job, it can often be hard to know when is a good time to look for a job. If you see it as something you'll do one day in the future, then it will always feel like there's not a right time. As with most things in life, timing is crucial. Here are some of the best times to start looking for a job. Let’s start.

When you have a job

If you have a job currently, but you're keeping your eyes open for a new one, there's no need to tell your current employer that—at least not yet. Many look for jobs without telling their boss. It may feel risky, but it doesn't necessarily have to be. You can keep things under wraps from your current employer by doing the following:

  • Not using your work email address or phone number as a point of contact on job applications.

  • Not mentioning your current job in the resume or cover letter section that asks for references or previous employment history (unless you absolutely love the company and want to use them as a reference).

  • Not talking about your job search at work with anyone except the people who will be giving you a reference.

When you think you might be laid off

If you suspect your job might be at risk, it’s a good idea to start looking for other opportunities. There are several signs that can indicate that your employer may be thinking about laying people off:

  • The company is downsizing or restructuring

  • They have announced they are cutting back on your department (or the department of someone in the same position as you)

  • You aren't getting enough hours or feel like your responsibilities have been reduced

  • You've been working extra hard and extra hours to "prove" yourself

When you are working with a temporary agency

When you work with a temporary agency, you have the ability to quickly find work and get paid the same day (or the next day). This means that you can have money coming in immediately, making it possible to meet your expenses (like paying rent each month) or make a down payment on something that you need (like a used car). The company will match you with positions that fit well with your skills and interests so that you'll be doing work that is relevant to your field of choice. Finding employment through an agency also allows you to network more easily since there will likely be more than one person at each job who will know about other open positions within the company or elsewhere.

When you are in school and thinking of quitting or about to ​​graduate soon

There's no better time to look for a job than when you're in school. Often, you'll have one or more classes devoted to career readiness. You can also use your school's career services and other resources to help you identify and apply for jobs, as well as prepare for interviews.

Of course, it's possible that you intend to graduate this semester—and if so, then the time is ripe to start looking for a job. When you're in school and thinking of quitting or about to graduate soon, hurry before you lose access to all those resources!

When you are in the military or taking a leave of absence from the military

When you are in the military or taking a leave of absence from the military

If you're serving in the military or will be leaving it on a long vacation, these are good times to look for work. Your schedule is likely to be more flexible than if you had a regular job. It's also a good idea to make sure you have your next job lined up before you resign from the armed forces.

Final thoughts

The timing of when you look for a job is going to vary based on your needs, your ability to find the right job, and how long you can last in your current position. However, the above are some of the best times to start looking for a job. We hope that helps.

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